Why marketers make excellent librarians

I quote directly from David Weinberger’s delightful book “Everything Is Miscellaneous”, page 189.

Thinking that people’s skills are defined by the department they’re in wastes their talent.”
I agree with this.

“(It also means that companies frequently start corporate blogs with the least interesting people – the marketers – as their initial bloggers.)”
I do not agree with this, and here are three reasons why:

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You had me at Borges

I tend to fall in love with libraries before I even set foot inside them.  The Cupertino Library is my new favorite, and they had me at the moment they welcomed me with a famous quote by my compatriota, el maestro Jorge Luis Borges.

Cupertino Library - Borges

What else can you expect from a city where magic is born?  You must see it for yourself.

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The cost of visiting the library

While reading chapter 5 of Foundations of Library and Information Science (Rubin 2010), I came across these figures:

“De Rosa, Dempsey, and Wilson (2004) estimated that the cost to visit a public library, when such factors as travel time, time in the library, and per capita library expenditures were taken into account, was $26.43 for someone with an annual income of $50,000, and $40.43 for someone with an income of $85,000.” Continue reading

Benefits of a personal library

What scares me the most about my son being an advanced reader, is that he is consuming information at a pace with which I can’t keep up.  As we build his personal library for the next stage of his reading life, my husband and I have reached out to other parents for advice.  The book recommendations we have received are priceless.
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Too much information

Silicon Valley teachers and students

Choose what to learn.
Choose what to teach.

I wasn’t born in Silicon Valley.  I’ve earned my way in San Jose through hard work, good ideas, and what my English friends call cheekiness.  There have been good years and bad, but overall my rebellious determination has paid off, and I’ve earned my place in the sun.  I rock the valley.  There, I’ve said it, now I’ll go back to being humble.

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